Lessons in entrepreneurial church planting ... from David Jones

Lessons from seven churches, five of which were plants with David Jones Presbyterian Church planting enterpreneur David Jones has planted five churches and revitalised two. David, a former moderator of the Australian Presbyterian Church, has just retired as senior pastor of Anne Street Presbyterian in Brisbane. David joins Dominic Steele to lessons learned over fourty years.

From barefoot refugee to Archbishop of Rwanda with Laurent Mbunda

Archbishop Laurent Mbunda joins us to share his wonderful story from being a barefoot refuge in the East African nation of Rwanda, to a Burundi refugee camp, where he and his parents were saved. 

There’s a fascinating story leading to an amazing work leading the church in Rwanda, explosive growth, with thousands saved, to now starting an East African Christian University.

Lessons from the valley for suffering with Richard Chin

National Director of The Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students, Richard Chin, reflects on God’s ‘severe mercy.’  How he learned from God, as he supported his wife Bronwyn, through her death from pancreatic cancer, six years ago.

Richard shares theological, strategic, pragmatic lessons from 25 years of ministry, advice on dating at 50 and a new marriage to Jeanette. 

An evangelical on reality TV show 'Christians like us'

Evangelical Assumpta Venkatachalam shares her story of a week inside the reality TV house as a housemate on ‘Christians like Us’ , where they navigated topics including women in ministry, homosexuality, child sex abuse, speaking to atheists, biblical authority, sex before marriage, abortion, and the future of Christianity.

Kanishka Raffel on leading the church while the culture turns

Dean of Sydney Kanishka Raffel says the cultural change means ‘it’s now difficult if not impossible for people to be Christian, respectable and successful, and yet so many of our people are used to being all three of these.’ 

Kanishka says church leaders today face significant external and internal pressures today, in the new era post Same Sex Marriage, post George Pell’s conviction and post the Royal Commission into abuse in churches. 

The phenomenal impact of Donald Robinson with Rory Shiner

We look at the amazing legacy of former Sydney Vice Principal of Moore Theological College Donald Robinson, his fresh reading of the Scriptures, fathering of the Australian biblical theological movement, what became known as the ‘Knox-Robinson view of church’ and remarkable new insights into the Jew Gentile relationships in the New Testament.