The Welcoming Crisis - with Peter Mayrick and Jessica Brouwer

There’s a key problem in Sydney’s Anglican churches with a drop in the number of newcomers. The trend is downwards across the board. It’s massively concerning.

We have a vulnerable/soft underbelly conversation about our weaknesses with Peter Mayrick from Sydney’s Center for Ministry Development and Jessica Brouwer, Mission Pastor at Village Church, Sydney.

"Maturity before growth" says megachurch pastor Randy Pope

Randy Pope, lead pastor of Atlanta's influencial Perimeter Church for 42 years, joins us this week, as he transitions out of the senior leadership role.

Perimeter has been responsible for over forty church plants since 1977.

He talks ministry strategy, his realisation that he needed to focus on spiritual maturity, rather than growth, and a thorn in the flesh for many senior pastors, 'Spiritual Pride.'

An Aussie diocese chooses apostasy. How to react? - with Kanishka Raffel

The synod of the Australian diocese of Wangaratta, Victoria has decided to walk a path that stands in opposition to the teaching of the bible, defies the theology of the national church and rejects the agreement of the national bishops council.

Kanishka Raffel, Anglican Dean of Sydney and a member of the council of Gafcon Australia, says that the decisions by Bishop Parkes' Wangaratta diocese parallel those made by revisionists in the New Westminster diocese in Canada, which precipitated the formation of parallel Anglican expressions.

Richard Coekin on leading like Jesus in grace, amongst revisionism and standing against abuse

Richard Coekin leads influential network of Co-Mission churches in London.  He’s been involved with the launch of many churches and ministries, including the London Men's Convention, London Women's Convention, the 9:38 Ministry Training Strategy, Passion for Life Ministry and most recently Planting Collective.

Richard is speaking to us about making sure the grace we preach is really grace, how we can best connect and impact people in our teaching, how to recruit people to Christian Ministry and the shocking allegations of abuse unfolding in the UK around the influential ‘Bash camps’ and Jonathan Fletcher.

Endurance in ministry through family systems

I remember locking my office door at Village Church in 2010, not sure if I would ever walk into that room again. I ended up taking four weeks of stress leave. I know I am not alone. 79% of Protestant ministers report experiencing burnout or borderline burnout.

We hear from Jenny Brown with Craig Foster on the issues of Christian ministry, the complicated relationships involved, and how understanding family systems theory can help.

Jenny Brown heads The Family Systems Practice, is an experienced family systems therapist and the author of Growing Yourself Up.

How should we teach on the environment with Lionel Windsor

Ecological consciousness is the cultural air we breathe. A recent survey of Christian teenagers revealed they care more about protecting the environment than caring for the poor.

Moore Theological College's Lionel Windsor gives us the key principles we as Christian leaders should keep in mind as we teach on the environment.

Lessons in entrepreneurial church planting ... from David Jones

Lessons from seven churches, five of which were plants with David Jones Presbyterian Church planting enterpreneur David Jones has planted five churches and revitalised two. David, a former moderator of the Australian Presbyterian Church, has just retired as senior pastor of Anne Street Presbyterian in Brisbane. David joins Dominic Steele to lessons learned over fourty years.