An evangelical on reality TV show 'Christians like us'

Evangelical Assumpta Venkatachalam shares her story of a week inside the reality TV house as a housemate on ‘Christians like Us’ , where they navigated topics including women in ministry, homosexuality, child sex abuse, speaking to atheists, biblical authority, sex before marriage, abortion, and the future of Christianity.

Kanishka Raffel on leading the church while the culture turns

Dean of Sydney Kanishka Raffel says the cultural change means ‘it’s now difficult if not impossible for people to be Christian, respectable and successful, and yet so many of our people are used to being all three of these.’ 

Kanishka says church leaders today face significant external and internal pressures today, in the new era post Same Sex Marriage, post George Pell’s conviction and post the Royal Commission into abuse in churches. 

The phenomenal impact of Donald Robinson with Rory Shiner

We look at the amazing legacy of former Sydney Vice Principal of Moore Theological College Donald Robinson, his fresh reading of the Scriptures, fathering of the Australian biblical theological movement, what became known as the ‘Knox-Robinson view of church’ and remarkable new insights into the Jew Gentile relationships in the New Testament.

Losing a son with Andrew Barry

Andrew Barry lost his son Nathan to cancer just over two years ago. Here he shares his heart about the journey that God has worked in his marriage and among their remaining four children over the last two years.

Putting the complementarian jigsaw together with Graham Beynon

Graham Beynon says there are a variety of patterns impacting our thinking on ministry models.  He calls them: separatism, permissions, de-contextualisation and individualism. 

Graham says men and women are similar but different.  He’s encouraging us to have an honouring of the differences.  And at the same time pursue godliness rather than genderness. 

A war of loves with David Bennett

29-year-old David Bennett, who describes himself as a former anti-Christian gay activist now Christian, says Jesus is good news for same sex attracted Christians.

David joins us on The Pastor’s Heart to talk through his story and his two ‘coming outs,’ one as a 14 year old, and then later a second as a Christian believer. 

On trial for heresy and how to preach with application and momentum with Gary Millar

We launch The Pastor's Heart for 2019 with an 'on the road' edition from the CMS Summer School in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. 

Dr Gary Millar answers questions on how to preach better so that your sermon lands with real application.

Gary is the principal of the Queensland Theological College and is the chair of the Gospel Coalition Australia.

He was the main speaker at the 2019 Church Missionary Society Summer School in NSW. During the conference he took time out with Dominic Steele to share the story of when he was put on trial in Ireland to face 27 charges of heresy. 

Leadership pipeline with Raj Gupta

There’s been lots of talk recently about ‘The Leadership Pipeline’ but what exactly is it and how can the senior church leader make the most of this new pastoral practice.

The leadership pipeline is a super helpful tool to think about leadership development, for yourself as a senior church leader, but also for others.

Senior MInister of Toongabbie Anglican Church Raj Guptahas been developing a training program for senior ministers of churches built around the leadership pipeline.